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Moving with a Dog

Pet movers can really help out when moving your dog to your new home. All dog breeds from Chi Hua Hua to Poodle and from Labrador retriever to Great Dane or German Shepherd will always get attached to its home. It is the dog’s domain as much as it is yours. They too find it hard emotionally to relocate and make a new home in a new place.

All dog types get nervous and stressed when moved from their home. Therefore it is very important that your dog is as comfortable as possible when leaving your old home. Almost all dog breeds stick to routines so it’s important that the dog’s routine is not broken. Keep to regular meal times and exercise times as much as possible. Always make sure your dog’s bowls and toys are easily accessible. It is advisable not to feed your dog 12 hours prior to the journey, especially if a long journey is involved.

Always make sure the dog has familiar things around it. Its favorite blanket or toy will always bring it a great deal of comfort.

No dog breed relishes the thought of air travel. Therefore, if air travel is required, make sure to book direct flights. Large dogs are transported in the cargo hold so it will experience drastic changes in temperature. Make sure the dog has a blanket to sleep on to keep itself warm. Sedating your dog during the journey is always recommended. Big dog breeds require a lot of water so make sure your dog is well hydrated before the journey.

If the move is to happen by road then you must make sure that you make regular stops. All dog breeds require plenty of water and frequent breaks to walk around and stretch their limbs. Dogs need rest stops as much as we do. Don’t leave your dog inside the car for long periods of time while you go into a rest stop for refreshments. Temperatures inside vehicles rise to dangerous levels and the dog can actually die of heat exhaustion. It is also ill advised to let any dog breed to hang its head outside the window for long periods of time. This can cause eye irritation, sore throat and ear infections.

All dog types will be a little restless and nervous in a new place. Give them time to adjust to their new surroundings. Get their routine in place as soon as possible and take them for a walk to explore their new home and environment.

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