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Moving with a Cat

No cat type whether it is Persian, Siamese or other domestic cat breed travels well. Unlike dogs, cats are extremely stressed during travel. If hiring pet movers is not an option, plan well ahead for your move with your cat.

Rest assured, your furry friend will absolutely despise the journey. All cat types show signs of high anxiety such as heavy breathing, constant scratching and wailing. All cat breeds do this so don’t count too much on your luck of your cat being “different”.

A visit to your local vet prior to the journey is a must. Sedatives are a good idea and your vet will prescribe some for your kitty. Cats have very sharp teeth so you have to use tact and stealth to ensure that the sedative is hidden in a soft food treat that your feline friend will enjoy.

All cat types should be transported in well ventilated cat carriers. The cat carrier not only provides a safe mode of transport for your cat, it also saves your car upholstery from the wrath of your cat’s claws. The cat carrier should be lined with a soft towel. This works well to calm your pet during the journey.

Make sure you bring plenty of food and water for your feline friend. Unlike dogs, cats can’t be taken for walks so make sure you take plenty of old newspapers, rags and towels with you to clean up your cat’s carrier in case your furry friend has “little accidents” along the way.

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