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Aquarium Moving

Most would consider moving an aquarium a mind boggling task. Therefore, most people relocating choose to sell their aquarium stock and start from scratch at their new location. Needless to say aquarium moving has significant risks involved and most often results in the death of quite a few fish.

Short moves are relatively simpler and do not require you to set up a portable oxygen generating system. However, a journey lasting over a couple of hours requires more preparation, and pet movers may be able to provide helpful advice on the subject.

Aquarium moving for long journeys cannot be done in a hurry. Make sure you have kept plenty of time aside to do this.

First, the fish need to be moved into a different container. Make sure the container has a mixture of fresh water and water from the aquarium in order to maintain their delicate balance. Also, you need to make sure that you retain some of the water from the tank to preserve the colony of bacteria.

Next you need to disassemble the tank. This is one of the most delicate tasks when moving an aquarium. Remember that aquarium plants can survive for quite a long time if their roots are not broken. They can be in bags with water and transported with the least amount of difficulty.

You can take your filter without cleaning it if your journey is short. However, it may be a good idea to get rid of your old filter and buy a new one at your final destination. The rest of the irrigation system; pumps, heaters, etc. must be packed very carefully. These are fragile items.

The final step of moving an aquarium is the packing of the stock of fish. If your journey is short, each fish should be put in a sealed plastic bag that is half-filled with oxygen and half-filled with water. These bags should then be placed gently into a padded container. If the journey is long, then you need to buy special sealed containers for each of your fish.

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