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Green Movers

The phrase “Green Moving” leaves much to the imagination. Do we use pack horses, donkeys or lamas? Or do we use a horse drawn cart? Well, it’s nothing as elaborate as that. Green Moving simply means that you pay more attention to the environment and employ methods that are least harmful to Earth. Green Moving is gaining momentum is being promoted as the moving service of choice.

Green movers suggest that you first get rid of what you don’t want BEFORE you move. Garage sales are a great way to lessen the load as it were.

Green Moving Companies employ very simple approaches. Firstly, they advocate that it is unnecessary to buy new boxes when you want to move. Just visit your local grocery store or super market and you will find enough and more boxes of various sizes that can be used to store your things. You could even rent moving boxes. Make sure that the boxes you use are made out of recycled materials.

Green Moving also requires less bubble wrap. Old news papers, sheets and towels make for great packing materials. Sweaters and blankets can also be used to wrap fragile things like glassware.

There is undoubtedly a lot to be said for the concept of Green moving. However, one of the key disadvantages or stumbling blocks with green moving is being able to find a green mover in your area. Most often green movers are also more expensive than regular movers. The packing process can also be seen as somewhat more tedious. Conventional packing methods don’t require you to go hunting for used boxes or to find a company that rents packing boxes. Then again, doing your bit to save the environment is priceless in this day and age of pollution and global warming.

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