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Boat Movers

A boat, whatever size it may be, is not something you can just move on a U-Haul. You need to follow special procedures and of course, it goes without saying, that it is always a blessing to have an experienced boat mover on your team.

As part of this special moving service, the boat must first be prepared for the move. All lose items like cups, personal items, spare rope, life jackets etc. must be removed from the boat. Don’t leave anything that can damage the hull on the boat. Most people would say that you can always lock down items on the boat but it is always a good thing to remove all lose items off the boat rather than take a chance and regret it later.

The ladder on the boat, cushions and the windshield need to be secured on the boat. Padding the windshield is always a good idea. You can use special packing materials but a thick blanket works just as well. Next, make sure that you unplug all battery cables and drain all holding tanks. Try to use up all the fuel in the tanks. It is NEVER a good idea to move the boat while there is fuel in the tank.

Boat moving during winter is not really a good idea but sometimes we don’t have a choice. If you need to move during the winter make sure the pipes are winterized. Boat shippers also recommend that you shrink wrap the boat before moving it. This is not easy and can damage the boat so its best to ask your boat shipper to do this for you. If you are moving a sail boat, make sure you remove the masts and secure them for the move.

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