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Rugs & Carpet Movers

Rugs are most often found in either the living room or bedroom or both in most cases. Rugs are bulky and a pain to move and this hassle becomes more intense when you have expensive carpets and rugs.

First things first; it’s always a good idea to get your carpet cleaned before you pack it. The carpet/rug will definitely be rolled in order to store it for moving and this tends to send the dust and dirt right into the weave of the carpet. Don’t clean your carpet on your own. Get a professional to come in and clean your expensive rugs and carpets. It doesn’t cost much.

Once the rug or carpet is completely dry and rid of all moisture, your carpet movers will then proceed to vacuum it one last time. Then, your rug/carpet is ready to be packed. Professional rug movers will then check the bottom or the base of the rug to ensure that it will not crack when it is being rolled. This is something that must be checked very carefully when it comes to very old, antique style rugs or carpets. Once this is checked, the carpet movers will start to carefully roll the rug.

The rug is not rolled too tight as this will damage the weave. But, it is not rolled too loosely either. It is kept snug and professional rug movers always make sure that there are no bend marks. Once the rolling is complete the rug is secured with plastic ties. Here again, the rug is not tied too tight. The tie is used to keep the rug snug and in place. The carpet/rug is then put into a long plastic bag that has ties on either end. Professional rug or carpet movers will never store carpets or rugs upright as the pieces tend to bend while being moved. Remember not to place anything heavy on top of the rug/carpet during the move.

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