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Moving a Painting

Moving a painting requires skill and precision. Moving an expensive painting however, requires skill, precision AND experience. Moving something that is particularly valuable and/or irreplaceable comes with its own set of unique headaches.

Firstly, let’s get something out in the open. A straightforward removal/moving company just won’t do. You need to hire a moving company that is specialized or experienced in painting moving. This is a must.

Don’t even think of doing the packing yourself. This is not recommended. Most valuable paintings need to be guarded from scratches or any other accident or injury that could happen during the move. The piece is then padded and then packed with special packing materials. Too little can damage the painting while too much can smother it and make it sweat.

The painting moving company will then ask you where you will be moving the piece to. This is to ascertain distance and climate. Paintings are very susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity. Therefore, the painting must be packed, stored and transported in a way that it will feel the least amount of transition in terms of climate.

Professional painting movers will also have the special equipment that is needed to move the piece of artwork. It cannot be dragged on the ground and strangely, it cannot be lifted for too long either. The frame tends to warp if it is not level at all times. Therefore, a special rig is required to transport the painting once it is dismounted. This rig is then connected to a hoist on the moving vehicle and the painting is lifted into the transport.

Remember, as a rule of thumb to get these professionals to unpack and hang your painting in its new location. The last thing you want is for your valuable piece of art to get damaged after it has traveled safe and sound.

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