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Art Movers & Moving Companies

There is no escaping it, the moving of art, antiques and sculptures always require professional help. Before you move your art, make sure the pieces are appraised and you have taken clear pictures of each item. You must always tell your movers well in advance that there are pieces of art to be moved as they require special packing materials that are temperature sensitive.

Art and antique moving companies do charge more for this special moving service but it is worth the extra fee to be sure that your pieces arrive at their new destination in good condition. These professional movers follow one cardinal rule to begin with; always life, not drag or pull any of the pieces that need to be packed and moved. Each piece is individually wrapped in polythene and foam rubber to protect the surfaces and to make sure that the pieces are protected from any collision. Antiques, sculptures, carpets and rugs are also packed for extremes in temperature. Humidity controlled transportation is recommended for very valuable cargo. One thing you want to avoid is the build up of mold on your carpets and rugs.

Each piece must be packed separately. This is something that cannot be compromised on at any point. Most DIY packers try to insulate paintings in the carpets or rugs. This is NEVER a good idea. Your carpet/rug is as valuable as your painting/sculpture. Therefore, each piece requires the same amount of attention. Over stuffing a crate with valuable pieces is also not a good idea. Plenty of insulation must be used and each piece must have its own space.

Moving valuable artifacts is never an easy task so hiring a professional saves you a lot of heartache and anxiety.

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