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Moving Rates » International » Taiwan

Moving to Taiwan from the US

Moving to Taiwan is not that easy. You need to find a reliable moving company that would relocate your household goods and personal effects safely to Taiwan and prepare documents required by Taiwanese customs. When you start looking for moving companies, the number of years which they have been providing international moving services should be taken into consideration as this will guarantee you that they are adept with the rules and regulations involved in shipping of goods globally. In choosing a company, see to it that it is duly licensed and can very well provide all your moving needs.

Another consideration in choosing which to hire among the moving companies in your area is their service price. Find out if the prices they offer are justifiable with the quality of their services. Ask for moving quotes and know what services are included in them. Bear in mind that the company that offers the lowest quote is not always the best choice. If you find a company which you believe is capable of providing excellent services, go for it. Do not fret too much if your budget is way behind their offer as you can lessen the shipping cost by cutting down the quantity of your goods or by choosing a cheaper shipping method.

The moment you are done closing a deal with an international mover, you should start gathering the required documents. Prepare a copy passport of your passport as well as for each of your family members, copies of your Marriage License and Birth Certificate of each of your children, Resident Visa, Proof of Employment, copy of Work Permit or Alien Resident Certificate, Certificate of Residence, copy of inventory, authorization letter to Destination Agent for clearing of shipment, Customs Declaration Form, and a yellow page of Customer’s Arrival Certificate.

You must know that the customs requires your presence the moment your goods undergo customs clearance. Also, your shipment must arrive in Taiwan in no more than six months following your arrival. Household goods may not be dutiable in certain quantities. However, wine and brand new appliances and items, carpets, and pianos are not duty-free. It is necessary that you have an Import Permit if you bring any of these items – tobacco products, gold bullion, and currency.

You are not allowed to bring alcohol, weapons, drugs, pornographic and politically sensitive writings, gambling tools, food products, live plants and trees, raw meat and poultry, and publications and articles coming from the Peoples Republic of China.

Motor vehicles should not be shipped together with household goods. An Import Permit is necessary and it should have a full description of the car. Autos are dutiable and taxable, should not be less than a year or more than ten years old, and run by lead-free gasoline. Furthermore, only one vehicle is allowed and it should be under the ownership of the client for more than a year.
You can bring your pets but they have to be quarantined for a particular span of time and they should have proper documents.

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