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Moving to Japan from the US

The moment you decide to relocate to Japan, your first consideration should be to get acquainted with professional and experienced international moving companies available in your area. Hiring them will ensure the safe transport of your belongings.

The first thing that you must do is to gather quotes from no less than three companies and know what they can guarantee with their services. To get more accurate quotes, let company representatives visit your place to make them aware of the stuff you will bring in when moving to Japan. If this is not possible, then you need to list down carefully the items so you can have accurate quotes. As you make your list, bear in mind that the heavier and the more items you bring, the bigger the fees you will be paying to international movers.

Another concern that should be given ample attention is the mode by which your possessions will be transferred, will it be by sea or by air? The air route is much more expensive than its counterpart but it’s considerably faster and can better assure the safety of your fragile items. Transporting by air also requires fewer documents and you need not meet a required volume or weight, unlike sea shipping. The most striking aspect of transporting your belongings by sea is its cost-effectiveness. If you are transporting a substantial volume but you do not want to spend much, then you should opt for this route.

Gather required documents in advance including passport of every family member which bears a stamp for Japanese entry, Valid Residence and Working Visa, original and two duplicate copies of Declaration for Unaccompanied Baggage, detailed inventory of items in English or Japanese, keys of locked suitcases or trunks, and your contact number and delivery address. If you want to bring any motor vehicle or pet, gather required permits first to avoid hassles.

The instance your items undergo custom clearance you should be in Japan already. Personal effects and household commodities are considered duty-free only if they have been in the custody of the owner for no less than a year. Take into account that the majority of shipped goods are inspected by customs personnel.

You should not attempt to bring or to ship prohibited items such as rice, flower seed, meat products, fresh fruits, wildlife products of endangered or protected species, drugs and narcotics, counterfeit currency, firearms and other deadly weapons, and pornographic or politically perceptive materials.

A licensed and experienced moving company will guide you through the ins and out of the international moving process, making your relocation to Japan something to look forward to.

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