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Moving to Brazil from the US

Moving to Brazil is not as easy as moving from one state to another in the US, as it entails international shipment and such shipped goods need to go through customs regulations. Thorough preparations are necessary to avoid hassles and paying fines if you fail to meet the terms imposed by Brazilian customs standards. Hiring a knowledgeable international moving company can make your relocation more convenient as it will assist you with what documents to prepare as well as inform you with the do’s and don’ts in moving to Brazil.

Shipment Preparation:

1. Apply for a temporary two-year work visa or permanent Brazilian visa to exempt your household goods from customs duties. Having one of these visas would allow you to import household goods with no or minimal taxes and spare you from customs delays.

2. Avoid bringing items that are not very essential to you or those which can be bought in Brazil cheaply to cut down shipment volume so you can save on moving services costs.

3. Never bring or ship items prohibited by Brazilian customs including explosives, firearms, ammunition, and illicit drugs.

4. Look for moving companies that are adept in international relocation. As you ask for quotes, provide identical shipping details so you can make accurate comparisons after gathering them. For more precise moving quotes, request the movers to visit your place so they can personally assess the goods.

5. Make a comprehensive inventory in Portuguese and English of the goods you intend to ship. Ensure that every item is listed to avoid paying expensive fines for unlisted goods.

6. Ensure that all items will be paid appropriately, should any misfortune take place while they are in transit by acquiring an all-risk, door-to-door marine insurance coverage.

7. All valuable goods should be packed properly either by you or by the moving company, as some companies include the packing in their moving services. Their container whether a box, wooden crate or pallet must be labeled clearly in Portuguese and English with transport destination and other special warnings.

8. Arrange fumigation of your goods with the moving company and make sure to ask for a fumigation certificate.

9. As movers arrange your goods in their truck, ensure that all boxes are packed well and have the bill of loading as well as the shipment’s number of registration.

Obtaining the Shipment in Brazil:

1. Upon receiving a notification from the Brazilian moving company following the arrival of your shipment, give them the papers required by the customs and the authorization letter that authorizes the agent to clear the goods.

2. Prepare all necessary documents such as your passport, Brazilian ID card, visa, and other pertinent papers. Then arrange a meet up with the moving company where your shipment was disembarked.

3. Pay all required port charges.

4. As the moving company unloads your goods in your new house, check them for completeness using the inventory you made earlier before you sign the release paper.

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