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Moving Rates » Commercial » Business Relocation Checklist

Business Relocation Checklist: Plan Your Move

Moving your business is a task that requires the careful planning of the business owner and the professional services of moving companies. It has been proven that a good business relocation plan requires a minimum of three months. The best way to ensure that nothing gets left behind in the moving process is to prepare a business relocation checklist. This checklist should include a moving schedule, time frame, a breakdown of daily tasks, utility calls, quotes from commercial movers, anticipated problems in the new office, purchasing packing supplies, labeling boxes, etc. Planning ahead of time will be a big help in avoiding additional moving charges.

To ensure that the moving process is effective, set up teams. Assign a responsible individual to be the division manager. It is the division manager's responsibility to make sure that all desks, files, computers, fax machines, telephones, chairs, and tables in their department are packed.

Business Relocation Costs

Accurately calculating your business relocation expenses is important if you want to stay within your budget. First, determine what type of service will be beneficial to your business. Generally speaking, there are two main types of moving services: partial moving service or full moving service. Be prepared with the following: calculator, notebook, phonebook, list of moving companies and rates.

To come up with a comprehensive calculation of all your business relocation costs, it is vital to include lease deposits, mortgage fees, permit fees, local government requirements, licenses, utility contracts, equipment, insurance, professional fees and construction expenses.

When trying to come up with your own quote, make sure that you have your calculator with you all the time and write down all the expenses in your notebook. Include all miscellaneous expenses that may be incurred when you move your business. It may be wise to hire professionals to make sure that you do not go beyond your budget.

The best thing about hiring moving companies is that they have services that will fit every budget. The moving company will take care of all your moving needs and make sure that your things arrive at your new address in one piece.

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