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Moving Rates » Supplies & Accessories » Permanent Box Marker

Permanent Box Marker

A simple question: why is a box marker even something to discuss or write about? Surely, marking a box with a pen is really not rocket science. Think about this though; you pack your boxes all neat and nice and then mark the box with a normal ink pen. The boxes get wet during the move. Nothing inside is damaged of course. You get to your final destination and after movers have unloaded all the boxes, you begin to unpack. The boxes have dried but the marking have all got erased for the water. And here, your nightmare begins.

A permanent box marker is an essential moving accessory when you pack your belongings. You need to mark the boxes clearly with a pen that will not smudge and/or get erased due to elements such as water or dirt.

It is very frustrating to start unpacking when you don’t know what's in the box. A permanent box marker is as valuable as a box label. Anything and everything written on the box should be written by a permanent box marker.

Black or blue markers would be the ideal colors for box marking. Some people also tend to use red when they want to differentiate a box as carrying the more fragile items. Whatever color you choose to use, make sure it is clear and is visible from a distance.

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