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Moving Rates » Supplies & Accessories » Packing Paper

Packing Paper

Most often, the simplest moving accessories and supplies are the most effective. Packing paper performs the simplest job - protects items while in transit.

Movers packing paper is much like bubble wrap but it is more pliable. It is an age old tool that has been used to wrap items, especially glass and other breakables. Packing paper comes in handy to fill in those tiny empty spaces that can’t really fit anything into them but tend to be a hassle when trying to secure your things inside a box. Movers packing paper provides soft cushioning for your items and also avoids abrasion.

Most often people are known to use old news papers as packing paper. This is a widely used material but you must be cautious. Newspaper has print on it and most often than not, the ink tends to rub off on the packed items. This ink is very difficult to remove and even when it is washed off, it tends to leave a slight hue on the item. Newspaper can be used as moving packing paper if the items do not absorb anything. Glasses can always be packed with newspaper. If newspaper won’t work for you, then any hardware store will have packing paper made especially for this purpose.

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