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Moving Accessories & Supplies

There is success to be found in simplicity when it comes to packing. First, understand the importance of proper moving accessories & supplies and then use what you have learned. It is THAT simple. Logic and proper planning are the masters for this task.

Having good knowledge about what packing accessories are out there and what moving supplies would best suit your needs is a great place to start. Remember, there is nothing called “too many” or “too much” packing accessories. It is ALWAYS better to have more than what you need. Look around first and decide on what sort of packing materials would be best to keep your items safe and secure during the move. You can also ask the movers for some packing advice.

In the following pages find information on the following moving accessories:

Moving kits are a very economical solution to your packing requirements. These kits include boxes and all the other useful accessories you need. These kits can be bought for specific rooms in your house, which also makes your packing more orderly. You can also get complete home packing kits.

There are a few moving accessories that you need to get to begin your packing process. Bubble wrap, tissue paper, packing paper or unprinted paper should be first on your list. These items come in handy to pack your fragile items and belongings that scratch easily. Remember to use unprinted newspaper to ensure that your things do not get stained. It is always a good idea to put packing paper on top of the things you pack into each box and also use paper or bubble wrap to fill in the little spaces inside the box. It’s a must to use tape to seal your boxes well. Label each box clearly with colored packing labels so that you know what is in the box and which room it should be unpacked in.

Moving furniture is never an easy task. The pieces that can’t be dismantled are even harder. Sofa covers come in handy when you need to keep your furniture safe from moisture, dust and dirt during the move. Stretch wrap is another packing accessory that comes in handy to secure furniture and other bulky items for your move.

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