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Self Storage

Self Storage is something that most people equate with moving. Actually, most of us need storage space at some point in our lives and we have not even thought of moving. We tend to accumulate things; this is something that comes with living and experiencing life. However, our life’s “accumulations” need to be taken care of when we need to relocate. This is when we need to ensure that we pick a good storage facility. Storage space is the answer when you cannot pack or transport EVERYTHING with you.

Here’s how this works; you need to pick out a moving storage solution that best suits your needs. Needs would define what you want to store, how much you want to store and for how long of course. It’s safe to say that pets, plants, perishables and other prohibited items should not be stored. Other than that…it’s all up to you.

Remember though, that public storage facilities and or other self storage companies do not transport your stuff to and from the storage area. This is something you need to take care of. You can always hire a professional movers or do it yourself.

You will be given a key to your storage unit and you will have access to your things at all times. You can add or remove things as you wish but its best not to over stuff you storage unit. After all, you want to make sure that you can walk around in there and look for stuff. Self storage facilities come with their own rules and regulations so make sure you read through them and are clear with the fee before you sign up.

The storage facility will require you to sign a contract with them. This contract will specify the fee etc. so don’t forget to read the fine print. Also, make sure you are clear about who is liable for damages. This is something most people overlook so insuring your stuff is always a good idea.

A few other things to look for would be on-site security facilities, maintenance of the site, climate controlling and the services offered. After all, these are our “life’s accumulations” we are talking about.

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