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Insurance & Liability

It is safe to say that getting moving insurance is a must. Irrespective of whether the moving company comes highly recommended with impeccable credentials, moving liability coverage is more for your peace of mind and for the assurance that IF something goes wrong, you are taken care of.

With insurance and liability coverage, your belongings are protected and YOU don’t need to stress over damage or loss to your property. The moving insurance process however needs you to go a little beyond just paying for insurance. You need to put some thought into your moving liability valuation and insurance coverage.

The first thing you need to do is compile a detailed inventory of EVERYTHING that needs to be moved. Don’t leave any item out of the list. Also, go ahead and make special comments next to any valuable items like antiques, artifacts or furniture. Make sure you make clear statements about the condition of each item BEFORE it is packed for shipping or moving. Photos of big pieces are always a good idea as they can serve as evidence in case of loss or damage.

Then, you need to call your mover of choice and ask them to inspect your belongings and sign off on the inventory document. This way, your mover has confirmed the condition of your items before they take them over for the move.

Think about which type of valuation best suits your needs. The types you need to pick from are: Declared Value, Lump Sum Value and Full Value Protection. Once you have picked your type of valuation, you can then decide if you require any additional insurance. Always remember to read through the fine print and understand everything before you sign off.

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