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How to Know Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move

“I really didn’t know that I could do that” or “I had no idea they owed me that”. These are words you really DON’T want to end up saying. So, the best way to avoid this is to read up and know exactly what moving regulations need to be followed and what your rights and responsibilities are as a customer.

There are moving companies and there are moving companies. Choose wisely! Word of mouth referrals from friends and family might turn out to be your best choice BUT, it doesn’t hurt to do your own research.

COMMUNICATION is the key to coming to an agreement with your movers. DO NOT take ANYTHING for granted. Go through all the details clearly especially the services you have asked for, the estimate for the move and all the insurance, liability and valuation information that you have agreed to. Remember that everything needs to be signed off on the Bill of Lading.

It’s not that difficult really. First, plan out what you want to do in terms of where you are going and how you want to get there. Then, once you get an accurate moving estimate, you will see how much it will cost. Next, if you are looking to minimize you moving cost, see what services you can do without, and which ones are essential to the success of your move. Remember, if you cut out essential aspects of your moving services such as valuation, insurance and or other aspects that pertain to the protection of your belongings, you will end up tearing out your hair and needing a big box of tissues. So, think it through carefully and KNOW what your moving responsibilities are and WHAT you are entitled to.

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