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How to Prepare a Moving Checklist

Yes, it’s really easy for people to tell you that you must prepare a moving checklist before you begin your moving process. BUT, the “how to” of this magical document is seldom revealed to us. So, before we actually begin to make a moving checklist, let’s learn the simple logic behind it.

By preparing a moving checklist you are essentially preparing your step by step guide to ensure that you have attended to every detail to create a perfect and smooth moving experience. It’s a very logical procedure that you map out from the first thing you do to the last thing you do, which is obviously the physical move.

To move you need to pack. To pack you need packing supplies. So, packing supplies should be the first thing on your list. Make sure you get more than you need. Believe in the fact that nothing goes to waste in the end because in reality, it seldom does. You will always use up more packing supplies than you thought you needed so it’s always good to have extra from the start.

When you are moving, don’t take what you don’t need with you. So, declutter your home. Make sure you get rid of EVERYTHING that you won’t be taking with you. I know, this can be hard but, it has to be done. So take a deep breath, and get that done.

Then, you need to pack your stuff, label the boxes clearly as to what is in the box and which room it should be unpacked in.
Another item you need to put on your checklist is the fact that you need to discontinue your utilities, notify your bank and all other administrative offices of your move. Also, make sure you give them your new address.

See, the moving checklist is really easy to create and it will keep you on track!

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