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How to Pick the Right Moving Quote

Moving quotes are not hard to come by. BUT crunch time is when you need to pick the quote that is right for you. “Right for you” means picking the quote that suite you needs and your budget. Although this sounds simple, this balance is not easy to achieve sometimes.

If your belongings are not that heavy and if you feel that you can manage within a stipulated weight limit then a “not to exceed” quote might be right for you. This type of quote is for belongings that do not exceed the stipulated weight limit. This amount is calculated according to the distance traveled - so short distance moves with lighter boxes might seem to fit into this type of quote.

Binding is another moving estimate that you can consider. This binds you to a fixed moving rate irrelevant of the weight and the distance. This works well when it comes to moving large amounts of goods across a significantly long distance.

Non binding quotes is where weight plays a major role in the price. You pay a set price per pound so the more you pack the more you pay. Your belongings will be weighed and your final moving amount will be given to you. If your boxes weigh more than the estimate weight then your mover is legally allowed to charge you up to 10% more on top of the original estimate. The law requires the mover to deliver your things to your new destination. You have 30 days to pay the additional amount if required to pay.

Knowing your options is always good. Now that you are more aware of the types of moving quotes so that you can make an informed decision.

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