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All About Moving Costs

The items you wish to move, the place where you are moving to and the kinds of services you require are among the issues you must consider as you go about before calculating your moving cost.

Self move
Surely, the cheapest way to go is to move yourself. Depending on how much you need to move, you may not have any moving expenses at all other than the gas you use for the trips you make hauling your things and any money you spend on packing supplies. If you have to lease a moving trailer or truck, that will increase your expense, but you can normally rent a trailer or truck for less than $50 a day for an in-town move.

Partial-service move
One more option is to hire-out various aspects of your move. For instance, you can pack all your stuff yourself but you can lease a truck and you could hire a few people to unload and load your stuff. You can also do all the moving yourself but employ an expert to pack up all your things. The costs of these services will depend on what it is you pay to have done. For example, you can hire the services of a few acquaintances to load and unload a trailer for ten dollars per hour. However, if you hire expert movers, it will surely cost more, but it would also mean you benefit from skilled workers who are insured and bonded.

Full-service move
The last option is a full-service move. This means that you will hire the services of professional and experienced movers to pack, haul, load and unload your stuff. For these services, moving companies' rates vary, and depend on where you are moving to and on the total weight of your property. For a small in-town move, you may be able to get full service for less than $1,000. On the other hand, if you have a four bedroom house and are moving cross country, the move will most probably amount to a few thousand dollars.

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