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How to Move your Dog

There really is no easy way to explain to your dog why he/she has to leave their favorite corner or their preferred sun bathing spot out in the garden and move to a whole new place where they need to find their comfy spots all over again. So, the best thing you can do is to make this move as calm and comfortable as you possible can for furry friends.

Keep their usual routine as much as possible even during your packing process. Dogs love routines and feel comfortable when they have one. When you finally need to move your pet, surround him/her with familiar objects like their favorite blanket, toys etc. Feed your pet 12 hours prior to the move, especially if it is a long distance move.

When moving by road, make sure your dog does not hang its head out of the car. This can cause stingy eyes and a soar throat. Take frequent breaks and let your pet get out of the vehicle and stretch its legs. It is also a good idea to cut your dog’s nails before the move. This way, your upholstery will also survive the move.

Needless to say, your pet should travel in your vehicle. Putting your pet in the moving truck is NOT a good idea!

If your pet is going to experience air travel, make sure you book a direct flight or one with the least amount of stops. It is always a good idea to ask your vet to prescribe a sedative.

Make sure your pet’s vaccines and paper work is in order before the move. Always take copies of the records with you so that you can show your new vet.

Once you arrive at your new destination, familiarize your pet with the new place and let him/her run around and sniff around. Help your dog settle in. Give your pet a lot of love and reassure it that the new home is going to be good. Take your pet for frequent walks in the new neighborhood.

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