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Moving Mistakes You Want to Avoid

So here’s the thing, we WILL make mistakes even though we make all the lists and check them twice. There WILL be something that we forget to do or forget to get. So, let’s start there…

But, it goes without saying that it’s always a good idea to learn what mistakes NOT to make. Now, you really don’t want to start a moving process without researching it well. If you just decide to go into this mammoth task without any knowledge about it, then you are a sitting duck for EVERYONE down the line to take advantage of you. So, research and read. Know what you are getting into.

Last minute packing is another mistake that we really need to avoid. And it’s not that easy to avoid as long as you have yourself organized. One of the craziest things that happen during last minute packing is that you tend to take unwanted things with you. When you start to unpack – that’s when you start wondering why on earth you packed your first grade notebook in the first place. So, get a head start.

NEVER agree to moving without signing off on a moving estimate and a Bill of Lading. If you do this, then don’t be shocked when you are slapped with a bill that you didn’t see coming. Be clear about what services you are paying for. A detailed moving estimate is always a good thing. Some movers give you an online estimate BUT it’s always recommended to work with a mover who will inspect your items before giving you an estimate.

AHA, and of course moving with kids and/or pets is never an easy task. And this is something you cannot plan for on the spur of the moment. Especially with pets, you need to make sure your vet has given you updated records etc. Also, moving pets and kids requires you to be more patient. Children and pets will feel the move. A new place and new surroundings are never easy on younglings and furry friends so pay special attention to them.

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