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What Costs to Include in your DIY Move

Let’s see what aspects we need to keep in mind for a DIY move.

Packing supplies would come on top of the list. Yes, these items are relatively inexpensive but remember that every penny adds up. However, don’t cut corners. Get extra packing materials because you will find that all of it will get used up. Boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, tags etc.; these are items that you will find are essential.

Big items such as large pieces of furniture, antiques, instruments such as pianos etc. will need extra care. You will require plastic wrap for these items and some padding as well. Remember that artifacts and pianos etc. need to be away from moisture and must be padded to ensure that the pieces don’t scratch or break.
Next and most importantly, you need to purchase moving insurance. Moving companies generally give you a few options in this regard but since this is a DIY move, you need to purchase this insurance. Again, don’t cut corners as this is an essential part of your move.

Hire a vehicle that best suits the distance you need to move and the type of things you need to move. Packing your things snugly is a good thing but pushing stuff in to a truck that is too small can also damage your things. Having extra padding always helps to secure your things in the truck.

DIY moving does give you the option of hiring the truck with the driver. If not, you can always hire a trailer or a moving truck. The choice is yours.

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