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How to Prepare a Commercial Moving Checklist

Moving your office to a new location requires you to involve a lot of people in the decision making and the procedure. You can of course dictate terms to everyone and shoo away anyone who tries to give you a suggestion but this just might not be the best way to go. So, creating a office/commercial moving checklist must be your top priority.

You can’t afford any of the common moving pitfalls. In fact, you can’t afford any mistakes because a smooth move will guarantee minimal downtime of your business. A commercial moving checklist needs to be made at least three months before the move. Wait; don’t think this ridiculous just yet.
Moving your business requires you to move objects as well as people. You can’t just spring a move on people unless of course the surprise move is due to unavoidable circumstances. Continuous dialog goes a long way.

Declutter your office. Get rid of everything that can be thrown away. You can also mark furniture that needs to be replaced so that the movers won’t bother to pack and move those items. Then, the most important thing, your confidential documents need to be secured and even put in a secure location for storage until your move is complete.

Don’t expect to hire a moving company the week before you move and then expect everything to go smoothly. Hire the moving company well in advance and take the movers through your new location and your old one. This way, you and the movers can draw up a flow plan and then tag and color code everything according to the floor plan.

This way, your move out and move in happens smoothly. You can also avoid your movers and your employees running around like headless chickens looking for stuff and making an even bigger mess. What does this lead to? You guessed it – a moving checklist and an organized plan leads to minimal downtime of your business. VOILA!

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