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How to Move Fish in an Aquarium

It goes without saying that moving fish is far more complicated than moving our more fluffier pets. But, a pet is a pet and if fish is your choice of pet then so be it. Now, we need to figure out how to move them from one place to another without harming them in any way.

So, let’s look at the science of this in a simpler way. Your fish tank has bacteria (this is good stuff that we need). This bacteria feeds on oxygen so if it’s a short move, the bacteria can last while you move your fish in a bucket or a container. If it is a long move, you will probably have to grow the bacteria again at your new location. DO NOT move your fish in the tank. IF the tank breaks, you will lose all your fish. The tank needs to be emptied out and unplugged before it is moved.

Put your fish into a container. Make sure the container has water that has been de chlorinated. If your move is short, keep a little bit of water in the tank to maintain the bacteria colony. If your move is long, then drain the tank completely and re grow the bacteria once you have completed your move.

Bag all the aquarium plants in bags with water in them. Don’t worry, they won’t perish. But, remember to move the plants with you. Do not put them in a trailer or a moving truck. You can clean your filter and put it in a sealed container and take it with you if your move will be short. If not, throw it away and take a new filter with you so that you can put it into the tank once you have arrived at your final destination.

Pack the heaters and pumps securely, like you would pack any fragile item.

Once you have arrived at your final destination, set up your tank and wait about a week before you introduce your fish to it. Treat it like a new tank. Shorter moves generally allow you to introduce your fish immediately into the tank but why take a risk? Wait a few days and once the tank is running smoothly, let your little fish friends go back into their home and swim around freely.

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